Workout Ediquette

Pace clock

Learn to read the pace clock. Know your time and interval. Stay on the interval and help others stay on the interval.


Beginning a set

Push off on the far right side of the lane, into the swimming lane. Do not leave early or late. The other swimmers should move to the right side of the lane as their turn to push off approaches and as the people ahead leave.



If you are unable to do a set, do a drill or stroke that is about the same speed.


At the end of a set

Finish swims to the wall and move to the left to allow others to finish to the wall as well. The slowest person in the lane should be able to make the interval with some rest.


Getting passed

Be aware of where others are. Anticipate when they will catch you and pull over. If you are about to get passed, stop at the next wall and let others pass you. It is best to wait in the right corner (or the incoming corner) so that swimmers can push off on the left corner (outgoing).

Lane Leader

The first swimmer in the lane must understand the set and all the intervals, be able to see and read the pace clock, and have a good sense of pace.



As you approach the wall, swimmers should make their turns at the left corner of the lane. As soon as the swimmer ahead of you finishes his turn and goes by, you should swim towards the center of the lane, make your turn to the left of the cross on the wall, and push off on what is now the right hand side of the lane. This allows swimmers to push off straight and keeps them out of the line of fire of the incoming swimmers.


Resting on the wall between sets

Rest on the wall in the right (incoming) corner of the lane. This will allow the other swimmers to continue to make their turns in the left corner without interference. 

Kindergarten Rules


Brush your teeth or rinse with mouthwash before practice. Don't breathe on people when resting at the wall.



Don't borrow your lane mate's fins, kick board or pull buoy without asking.

Leaving Practice

Tell your lane mates you are leaving. Clean up your swim area. Put away your kick board, fins, and water bottle.

Know that when you use gear, it changes your speed and often changes the size of your body (fins = longer, paddles = wider). Your lane mates are affected by this. Please change lanes to fit the appropriate speed.