Why swim with the Otters?


We are a community of swimmers, aged 18 years to over 80, who inspire each other to be our best.

Year-long coached workouts will keep you healthy, and if you like competitions, help you prepare for your next event.

The team is for all skill levels, from beginners to world-record holders. Many of our members swim just for recreation and companionship. Others travel as a team to local, national and international meets and races.

Workouts are customized by lane to the speed and condition of the swimmers.

You will form lasting friendships while being supported and motivated by coaches and lane-mates, because we go out of our way to look for fun things to do, such as participating in:

  • Swim meets
  • Open water swims
  • Hikes and cool dips in alpine lakes
  • Triathlons
  • Social gatherings - boy, do we like to have fun!